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Project outputs

The core idea of the project is to develop a number of practical tools which can be used by VET teachers and students to create a new generation of Young Social Makers. 

The YSM skills and competence framework defines the baseline skills needed and elaborate a full curriculum for both teachers and students.  This will then form the basis for the YSM teacher training programme and the YSM student learning programme and materials. By using the skills as a starting point, project partners will be able to identify the areas where training material already exists and those areas where new material needs to be developed. In this way we can be sure that we’re creating something truly new for the VET sector rather than repeating work that’s alreay been done.

Download it here


YSM skills and competence framework

This output will define a teacher training programme, based on the key skills that teachers themselves need and those they need to help their students to develop in order to implement the YSM learning programme. It will include material on understanding and engaging end users with special needs, introduce FabLab tools, and collaboration and cocreation skills. In this way teachers can be confident that they have the skills and practical know-how they need to help their students to develop and prototype their own social objects, and gain valuable professional and life skills along the way,

Access the teacher training materials here

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YSM teacher training programme

The YSM student learning programme and materials will provide everything that students need to start designing their own social objects and develop their skills. It will include learning materials on the machines and techniques available in the FabLab, the social and collaboration skills needed as a designer, practical assignments to familiarise students with machines and techniques, examples of challenges experienced by special needs people and examples of some of the social objects which have been designed to overcome them. Students will then have the chance to design and prototype their own social objects.

Access the student training materials here


YSM student learning programme and materials

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