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In June 2021, the student pilot testing event was organised by Emphasys Centre in Cyprus online, due to the current restrictions of the global pandemic (Covid-19). This session involved directly the trainers, who attended the trainers pilot testing with some of their students, who were interested in participating in the project and its results. The duration of the session was about 2 hours long, with a total of 14 participants involved.

The students were given various challenges to create social objects. Specifically, the challenges that were tackled were Challenge 6 – Hearing Impaired in Covid-19, where the students had decided to design a transparent facemask for deaf students and their interpreters. For the other group the challenge that was tackled was challenge 2 – Mobility aids, were the students had decided to design a crutch holder/connector for people with mobility issues, so that their crutches do not fall to the floor and create an even bigger issue to pick up when they do. The third group of students decided to tackle challenge 9 – the DCD challenge, where they decided to design a page holder/book ring to help the student with his coordination and hopefully help him focus better on the page he is reading.

Check out the challenges below and get your students involved! CHALLENGES:

For more information about the project, please check out the website:


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